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Problems With Guardianship System Is Focus of John Oliver Show

John Oliver recently highlighted problems with the guardianship system on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The comedian provided a scary and funny explanation of how guardianship works, ending with a public service announcement by William Shatner, Lily Tomlin and others explaining steps you can take to avoid the guardianship. The show […]

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New Brokerage Account Safeguards Aim to Protect Seniors From Financial Scams

New rules have been put in place to protect seniors with brokerage accounts from financial scams that could drain the accounts before anyone notices. As the population ages, elder financial abuse is a mounting problem. Vulnerable seniors can become victims of scammers who convince them to empty their investment accounts. According to the Financial Industry Regulatory […]

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Tips for Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of Americans, you’ve gotten them. Official sounding phone calls from someone proclaiming they are from the IRS or even the FBI.   They claim you are guilty of things like overdue taxes, or they are collecting a fine because you have not properly registered for insurance coverage. Or maybe they […]

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Mail Fraud and Older Adults: Staying Safe

This past spring we wrote about criminals contacting seniors claiming they are from the IRS, Social Security or even the FBI. These contacts are made by regular mail, phone calls or email. They say that they are collecting fines for things like back or late taxes, or that the individual is not properly registered for […]

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