Category: Estate Planning

Jeff Stinson to Present Seminar on Health Care Advance Directives

In conjunction with Indy Real Estate Experts, at Century 21 Scheetz, Jeff Stinson will be be presenting a free live workshop entitled, “Health Care Advance Care Planning, Do You Have Your Plan?” In this workshop, Jeff will review how to appoint your health care surrogate, how to document your desires in the matter of life […]

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Recent Change to Recording Statute Causing Headaches

The change of one word in the Indiana statute on recording is causing headaches for some individuals trying to record instruments.  Senate Enrolled Act No. 340 amended Indiana Code 32-21-2-3 so that as of July 1, 2020, any document to be recorded in Indiana must have both a notarized signature of the grantor of the […]

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WEBINAR-Leaving a Legacy, Beyond the Inheritance

WEBINAR-Leaving a Living Legacy, Beyond the Inheritance.  To most people, the term “legacy” evokes thoughts of money and property. While these assets can be a component of your legacy, they are typically much less important than the intangible legacies we leave. Unlike money and property, intangible legacies – your belief system, milestones, stories, and skills- […]

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Estate Plan for Happy Days Webinar Replay

This is our lively and informative presentation on why estate planning, done right, can be a joyous reaffirmation of life and a golden opportunity to help assure that you will provide for your loved ones in the best possible way. See what happened to Howard, Marian, Fonzie, and the rest of the Cunningham family after […]

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What’s in our portfolio? Identifying different financial assets.

What is an annuity? What’s the difference between an inherited IRA, traditional IRA, and Roth IRA? Doesn’t cash mean paper money in my wallet? What is an IRA CD? Suddenly being responsible for the family’s financial affairs can be overwhelming even with a clear understanding of different types of financial assets and products. To the […]

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What to Do With Cremated Remains

We often are asked what can be done with cremated remains. We put together this video to review the multiple, legal ways cremated remains can be disposed. If you have specific requirements regarding disposition of your remains, you should consider executing a Funeral Planning Declaration and appointing a designee to ensure that those instructions are […]

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